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I grew up in Texas, the product of a 3rd marriage of my father, L. R. Stinson, Sr. He had 4 children by his first wife and 3 by my mother. As a result of being from his 3rd marriage I never knew many of my relatives on my Dad's side. My mother was adopted and didn't find out that she had a sister until she was an adult. I knew one aunt and one uncle on my Dad's side of the family and that was what made me so curious about my family. Then when my son Robert started school he started asking questions about my family. His Dad had a huge family and my side was so small. That was when I said "I will see if I can learn something about my family. I started going to the Fort Worth Public Library one day a week when both of my sons were in school. I had some amazing teachers, ladies from the local DAR and I was the only young person going to the library on a weekly basis. The ladies started looking for me on my usual day and taught me so much.

Welcome to my World of genealogy

I have been researching my family tree since 1965 and enjoy it as much today as I did then.  My family was so difficult to work on because I was the product of a 2nd family and my father was too.  …

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